If you have lost a tooth and are looking for a way to replace it and fill in your smile, an implant might be the right option for you! Here at ÉLAN Dentistry in La Habra, California, dental implants have been used to increase confidence in our patient’s smiles! Having a missing tooth can create some insecurities and fear when showing off your smile. We want to put an end to that and help you make your smile whole again!


dental implant illustrationWhat is a Dental Implant?

Dental implants are an artificial tooth that is made and placed surgically into your jaw bone giving you a new permanent tooth. The implant is made up of two parts, the abutment, and the artificial tooth crown.

The abutment is a small metal post that is surgically placed into your jaw bone. This post will act as the “root” of the tooth and will hold the implant into place in your smile. Usually, when a patient is needing an implant, they are sent to an oral surgeon to have the metal post placed. Once your mouth has healed, the artificial tooth can then be placed.

The artificial tooth is made to fit right onto the metal abutment to hold the tooth in place permanently. When it is decided that the implant is the best decision for you, you and the dentist will consult on the exactness of the tooth. Since these teeth are custom made, the color, shape, and size need to match your existing natural teeth.


Dental Implant Process

Just as there are few parts to the dental implant, there are few steps in receiving one as well! First, you will need to come in and consult with the dentist to decide if the implant is what is best for you. The details of the tooth will also be discussed and determined before the surgery, so the tooth can be made. Then the abutment will need to be surgically placed. After the post has been placed it is essential that your mouth fully heals before receiving the other portion of the tooth to prevent problems.

Once healed, and a new tooth is made then placed by the dentist. When your new tooth is placed, your smile will become whole once again!


Benefits of the Dental Implant

  • Filling that missing part of your smile!
  • Having a full smile will help increase confidence and have you smiling all day every day.
  • Missing a tooth can cause deterioration to the jaw bone due to the lack of stimulation that happens when chewing. With a new tooth, stimulation will continue and your jaw bone will stay healthy.
  • An implant can’t get cavities or accumulate decay.
  • Very durable.
  • Implants make it easier to eat and talk.


Dental implants are a wonderful way to achieve the smile that you want and we here at ÉLAN Dentistry want to help you reach that smile. If you are in the La Habra, California area and have been thinking if a dental implant would be a good choice for you, please give us a call and schedule an appointment!