young woman dental patient getting an examAt ÉLAN Dentistry here in La Habra, California our top priority is helping you and your family achieve a healthy and confident smile. Because we are a general dentistry office in La Habra, we offer services to people of all ages. We love it when we can help a whole family achieve the best dental care available while catering to specific needs!

One of our top priorities here at ÉLAN Dentistry is to ensure that you and the members of your family feel safe and comfortable coming into our office. We have taken many measures to create an environment where you enjoy and look forward to coming in.



Here in our office, Dr. Ekta Amin and her staff are highly trained to do all general dental procedures that you or someone in your family might need. Some general dental procedures include:

Professional Dental Cleanings and Exam: these cleanings are suggested to happen every 6 months to remove all plaque and calculus from your teeth. During this twice a month appointment, the dentist will also be checking teeth for cavities and possible problems that could occur.
X-Rays: x-rays are digital images taken of your teeth to help the dentist see cavities or possible problems that could occur.
Fillings: if you by chance have a cavity you will receive a filling. This process is where the cavity and all decay are removed and then is filled with composite filling to act as a part of the tooth.
Implants: if you have lost a tooth and are looking to replace it, an implant is an artificial custom made tooth placed to fill the gap in your smile.
Teeth Whitening
Many other procedures are available at our office for all of your dental needs and want!


Pediatric Dentistry

Pediatric dentistry is a special way to say dentistry for children. As a parent, it can be unsettling and often nerve-racking to take your child to the dentist for their first visit. As a mother herself, Dr. Amin knows of the importance of the first experience children have with their dentist. She has taken extra measures to have her office be a fun and safe environment for your child. She wants them to have a positive experience and to look forward to their next visit.

It is recommended that you should bring a child to the dentist for their first visit around the age of one or at least 6 months after their first tooth has erupted. It is important to start taking care of children’s teeth right away to prevent problems and help encourage oral health maintenance!

Having a dental office that specializes in pediatric and adult dental care is a great asset to the family. It is very convenient to be able to take all of your family to one dentist knowing that they are receiving the best care available, in a fun and positive environment.


If you are in the La Habra, California area and require a new general dentist, please stop by and see us or give us a call at 562-553-3526 or 562-553-ÉLAN. Here at ÉLAN Dentistry, we want to make sure that everyone is taken care of properly and get the custom dental care you deserve. Your smile matters to us, and we want to help you keep it strong and healthy!