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Élan Dentistry in La Habra can give you the most outstanding dental advice for your teen. We value your and your teen’s input as we formulate our recommendations. What matters to you is also important to us. Invisalign for teens is a fantastic solution that we can suggest. Invisalign is a clear aligner that is safe, effective, easy to use, and inconspicuous.

Invisalign is a fantastic solution for teenagers. Teens may like the transparent aligners that are barely visible when they smile.


Metal Braces vs. Invisalign For Teens

Metal braces are more obvious than clear aligners and are perhaps the most commonly associated with teenagers. Teens may find Invisalign to be a more comfortable alternative to metal braces. Invisalign fits over your teen’s teeth perfectly and without being intrusive. And your teen may forget they’re wearing them. 

It’s also easier to get started with Invisalign than it is with braces. The dentist or orthodontist attaches each bracket to each tooth and then threads the metal through each bracket with braces. We then tighten the wire. For some patients, this can be a bit overwhelming. With Invisalign, we’ll need to take impressions of your teeth, and then we’ll take it from there!


A Straightforward, Effective Approach

Invisalign for Teens is a tried and true method of straightening teeth. Your teen might enjoy how simple it is to use. Clear aligners may appeal to your teen because of the independence they provide. They’re straightforward and effective. In most cases, your teen can expect to finish treatment and have a completely functional, attractive smile in about 24 months.


What Is Invisalign, and How Does It Work For Teens?

We’ll begin with an initial consultation. Dr. Amin and her caring, competent staff will meet with you and your teen to discuss your issues. We’ll make suggestions for correcting any malocclusions or misalignments. Together, we’ll devise a strategy.

We’ll make molds of your teen’s teeth whenever you and your teen are ready to begin. Your dentist will use the molds to create a prescription that he will send to Invisalign. Invisalign will sculpt several aligner sets utilizing 3D modeling technology and the most up-to-date, sophisticated materials to ensure maximum comfort. The aligners will be transparent, stain-resistant, and simple to clean. They’ll adequately suit your teen’s teeth and smile.


Simple to Use

The aligners are simple to use. Your teen can pop them into their mouth and gently press them down onto the teeth. It’s as easy as that. From there, it’s pretty much smooth sailing. Your adolescent may be unaware that they are wearing them. The aligners will work to improve your teen’s teeth over time.

During each treatment term, your teen will wear a different set of aligners. The first set will be more “crooked” and will resemble your teen’s existing teeth. Each set gently moves the teeth. Each aligner becomes increasingly “straight” as the stages and aligner sets continue. Each set gets closer and closer to the final, desired result of straightened teeth.


Treatment That is Both Quick and Effective

Your teen will wear the aligners for 22 hours out of every 24. They can take them out to eat, drink, or brush and floss their teeth. Throughout the procedure, there will be periodic checkups. We’ll make sure the teeth are moving in the right direction. We’ll address any worries or discomfort you may have about the therapy process (rare for clear aligners).


To schedule an Invisalign consultation for your teen, call us now. We’ll make sure that the therapy is both effective and comfortable. Your teen will be happy with Invisalign clear aligners and smiling along the way!