Restorative Dentistry in La Habra, California

Here at Elan Dentistry, we are experts in helping our patients maintain healthy smiles. However, sometimes decay can infect a tooth and cause dental issues that need restoring. Restorative dentistry includes the different dental treatments and procedures that can restore your smile after almost any dental issue has occurred. 


restorative dentistry elan dentistry dentist in la habra CABelow we have listed some of the restorative dental procedures that we offer, as well as some information about how the different treatments are performed. 


Fillings: A filling is used to restore the tooth after a cavity has been diagnosed and removed. After the cavity has been removed, we use a composite resin material that is matched to the color of your teeth to fill in the hole, and then harden the material with a dental curing light. The resin material acts as a replacement for the enamel of the tooth, helping to prevent further decay. 


Tooth Crown: If a severe cavity has taken over most of the outer portion of the tooth or the crown of the tooth, we can make an artificial tooth crown to restore function and strength. Our artificial crowns are made to fit naturally in with your smile, both size and color, and are made out of porcelain to withstand the daily activities we use our teeth for. 


Dental Bridge: This dental restoration is an artificial appliance used to replace a missing tooth. The appliance can replace one or more missing teeth by creating a full artificial tooth between two supporting dental crowns. The crowns will support the full artificial tooth and anchor it in place. 


Dental Implants: A dental implant is a more permanent restorative solution to fill in the gap of a missing tooth. The metal base is surgically placed into your jaw bone and an artificial crown is placed on top. The dental implant serves as a sturdy, reliable, long-term tooth replacement to restore your smile. 


Dental Bonding: Using composite resin material, we can fix the cracks, breaks, and small chips in your teeth to prevent them from accumulating decay and causing issues over time. 


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During your bi-yearly appointment here at our La Habra, California office, we examine your teeth and identify if any restorations need to be made. If you have a missing tooth or have noticed any small chips or cracks in your teeth, please come in and see us right away to benefit from one of our restorative procedures and prevent any pain.