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Botox is a natural refined protein that is utilized to relax muscles temporarily. In the past, it was primarily employed to relax the overactive muscles around the jaw joint that cause chronic pain. However, in recent years, Botox has also been increasingly administered to treat facial cosmetic concerns. 

At Elan Dentistry, we use Botox to target muscles around the mouth, face, and neck, altering not only the look of a smile but also of the rest of the face.

What Are the Uses of Botox?

Dental Botox can be used in the following conditions: to correct high lip lines, adjust to new dentures, TMJ pain and tooth grinding, rectify lip and face aging lines, and reduce facial swelling and excess sweating. Botox also helps enhance and reshape your smile.

Benefits of Dental Botox

  • High Lip Lines

High lip lines are a dental condition that exposes a significant portion of your gums above your teeth when you smile. This condition is also called a gummy smile. Dental Botox can help correct the lip lines and give you an evenly balanced smile.

  • Adjusting to New Dentures

Sometimes new dentures can cause a considerable amount of discomfort. Our mouths can handle gradual changes, but dentures bring about a quick and significant change. While some people may adjust to new dentures easily, others cannot and would benefit from a Botox treatment to help relax their muscles. Botox can significantly relieve facial pain and discomfort from almost any orthodontic or dental treatment.  

  • Addresses TMJ Disorder and Grinding Teeth

TMJ disorder or temporomandibular joint disorder occurs when the TMJ muscles become tense with stress. This causes you pain when chewing, biting, speaking, and other movements of the jawbone. Botox can relax TMJ joints and muscles to provide relief from pain.

  • Improves and Reshapes Your Smile

Botox in dentistry can be used to improve and reshape your smile. With the help of Botox, we perform minor cosmetic improvements to make you more confident in your smile.

  • Youthful Appearance

For patients wishing to erase the signs of age and enjoy a more youthful appearance, Botox injections effectively treat facial wrinkles and lines, minimizing and sometimes eliminating them altogether. 

Most Botox treatments are simple, and their results will last for about six months before your muscles go back to normal, needing further treatment. 

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