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Lumineers are a type of veneer. Unlike traditional porcelain veneers, they are extremely thin porcelain shells. Their thinness makes them a great choice for patients who have naturally small teeth.

Lumineers are a great choice for patients because the procedure to place them is minimally invasive. During the procedure, your dentist will slightly buff your teeth. This removes any superficial stains and imperfections. Your dentist will then apply a bonding agent to ensure the Lumineers are securely attached to your teeth. The Lumineers will be shaped to fit your teeth, and your dentist will apply a special light to harden the bonding agent. This light also sets the Lumineers, making them strong and durable.

Lumineers are unique and interesting because they can be more conservative than veneers. This is because lumineers use a special type of porcelain that is thinner than traditional veneers. Using less material means that your natural teeth won’t be altered as much. However, this also means that they won’t last as long.

Advantages of Lumineers

Lumineers are thinner than dental veneers, so they do not require preparation or removal of as much natural tooth enamel. This means that your natural teeth will remain stronger and more intact.

Lumineers are also much thinner, so they won’t feel bulky or awkward. This means that you can smile, speak, and laugh without worrying about how your teeth look.

Lumineer placement procedure

Once the dentist has determined that veneers are right for you, they will prepare your teeth for the veneers. This involves removing a portion of your enamel, so your veneers will fit properly. Once the teeth have been prepared, the dentist will take impressions of your teeth. These impressions will be used by a technician to create your custom veneers. The dentist will place temporary veneers over your teeth while your permanent ones are being made.

Caring for Lumineers

Lumineers require the same care and attention as your natural teeth. Brush and floss your veneers at least twice a day for two minutes each time. Using an antimicrobial mouthwash containing fluoride can help prevent tooth decay and gum disease. Be sure to visit your dentist twice a year for checkups.

Lumineers can last for years. However, your dentist may recommend that you avoid some foods, like hard candy, to prevent damage to your veneers.

Lumineers can chip, just like natural teeth. If you experience chipped lumineers, contact our office as soon as possible.

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