Smile Virtual Consults

What Is a Smile Virtual Consult?

A smile virtual consult is a convenient, secure way to learn about your treatment options. Using a video call, we can assess your smile, discuss your smile goals, and plan your next steps.

Smile virtual consults work great for busy patients who may find it difficult to come into the office for an in-person appointment.

Why Might I Need a Virtual Consult?

At your local dentist’s office, you will always have the chance to meet with your dentist in person to discuss your dental needs. However, sometimes there are circumstances when scheduling a dental appointment may not be possible or practical. This is where a virtual consult comes in. Virtual consultations are secure, web-based video/audio chats that take place right from your electronic device. You will take this time to meet with your dentist virtually, just as you would in person.

Virtual consults can be used for a variety of things. In some cases, a virtual consult might be appropriate if you have recently undergone some dental work and you are now experiencing some discomfort. Your dentist will be able to assess your situation during the virtual consult and determine whether or not you need to be seen in person.

Benefits of Smile Virtual Consults

Patients don’t always have time to wait for an appointment. They also don’t always have reliable transportation or the ability to leave their home.

With a virtual consult, they can access care from the comfort of their home. They can download our mobile app or use our website.

Once they arrive for their appointment, all they need to do is confirm their identity with a photo ID. They can then share their smile goals and concerns. Then, one of our team members will give them a diagnosis. We will then schedule an appointment time that works for them.

What Can’t I Do Using Smile Virtual Consults?

A smile virtual consult is for gathering information, not to replace a face-to-face meeting with our dentist. Our dentist may recommend you to see specialists, get additional tests, or schedule another appointment. But a smile virtual consult does not provide a diagnosis or a treatment plan.

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