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We put YOU first. Always. We strive for perfection, and, we find the perfect solution for you. You can expect all the dental care you need in our office, that's designed for your comfort.


Our office is equipped with cutting-edge technology and staffed by an experienced team, making it easy for us to provide you with more accurate diagnoses and craft more beautiful smiles. You will feel great about the way you look and feel.


Visiting ÉLAN Dentistry will give you some extra pampering. Relax with gentle care, rejuvenating treatments, and comfortable sedation options. Our knowledgeable team provides high-quality treatment in a soothing environment.


Get the dental care that you need and the options you choose. Now you can make the right decisions about your health confidently with the detailed treatment education that we provide. Plus, we offer crystal clear pricing options.

Our Services

Hi. Welcome to ÉLAN Dentistry

Your first visit to our dental office in La Habra will be enjoyable and positive. We will allow you ample time to ask questions or tell us about any concerns you may have. We will go over your expectations – your visit should be comfortable and educational.

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Meet Dr. Ekta Amin

Meet Dr. Ekta Amin

We offer a non-judgemental environment offering solutions for all your cosmetic, emergency, and general dentistry needs.

Meet Dr. Ekta Amin

Dr. Amin was born in the Fiji Islands and raised in Philadelphia, PA. After going to school at the University of Pennsylvania, the School of Dental Medicine, and Tufts University, School of Dental Medicine, she moved to California where she now lives raising her three kids. She is passionate about dentistry and has been practicing for over 10 years. ÉLAN Dentistry is a passion project years in the making and is Dr. Amin’s new place to be the down-to-earth, perfectionist, caring, and comforting doctor that her patients have come to know and love.

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Personalized Care

We specialize in gentle teeth cleaning, custom white crowns & bridges, great fitting dentures, cosmetic veneers, gentle root canal therapy, conservative and effective gum disease treatment, braces, and white fillings. We focus on making your visit comfortable. To this end, we have built a new modern dental facility with state-of-the-art technology.

If you live in La Habra, La Mirada, Whittier, La Habra Heights, or the surrounding areas in LA County and Orange County, visit our La Habra dental office for all of your dental care needs or desires.

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Our team at ÉLAN Dentistry offers All-on-4 implants to restore your smile. We serve all areas in and around La Habra, and have a friendly and experienced team that will work with you from the day you visit us for the first consultation.

About All-on-4 Implants

All-on-4 dental implants are a great option for many patients to restore the function of their smile. The All-on-4 dental implant procedure uses four dental implants to secure a permanent set of teeth. These implants are all placed in the same dental visit. Two implants are placed in the front of the jaw, and two are placed in the back.

The implant is placed within the jawbone. After the implant heals, the permanent set of teeth is attached to the implant. The All-on-4 dental implant procedure can be completed in just one day.

Are you interested in getting an All-on-4 dental implant? Call us at (714) 364-8181. NOW!

Benefits of All-on-4 Implants

  • A safe and effective way to replace multiple teeth
  • Improved self-confidence
  • Improved oral health
  • Prevent the bone loss that naturally occurs after tooth loss
  • Increased comfort
  • Look and feel young

Book Your Appointment Now

If you wish to replace your missing teeth with this dental option, we recommend you visit Dr. Amin and her well-experienced team that can help you get the smile you love. We use advanced dental technologies to help you achieve the desired look.

Are you interested in getting an All-on-4 dental implant? Call us at (714) 364-8181. NOW!

Do You Know, Veneers Are The Celebrity Secret To A Perfect Smile? Get Yours Now From ÉLAN Dentistry!

Got These Dental Issues?

  • Large gaps between teeth.
  • Misaligned teeth or misshapen teeth
  • Stained teeth.
  • Uneven gums and teeth.
  • Unnatural-looking bridges and crowns.

Fix them with lumineers and get a picture-perfect smile!

Do you think you are the right candidate for Lumineers? Call us at (714) 364-8181 or Book an Appointment Online.

What Are Lumineers?

Lumineers are very thin, tooth-shaped porcelain shells that bond directly to the front of the teeth and cover discolored teeth, conceal minor misalignment, and shield chips and cracks.

Why Lumineers?

  • Lumineers offer a great, natural-looking smile with far less preparation than other dental treatment options
  • When positioning lumineers, you will experience very little sensitivity or discomfort
  • Lumineers don’t stain or discolor
  • Lumineers are digitally fabricated and offer a more natural-looking smile than several other cosmetic restorations

Turn Into A Social Butterfly From A Wallflower

Do your stained, cracked, chipped, or disproportionate teeth make you reluctant to smile or socialize? Drastically alter your smile for the better in as few as two visits, and be ready to be a social butterfly.

Wish to make your smile makeover a reality? Join hundreds of people who have enhanced their smiles with lumineers from ÉLAN Dental. Call us at (714) 364-8181 to change your smiles.


For a Smile of Your Choice

At ÉLAN Dentistry, we offer veneers to improve the way your smile looks. We serve all areas in and around La Habra. We have a qualified team that will work with you through every step of your treatment plan.

Do you think you are a candidate for Veneers? Call us at (714) 364-8181. TODAY!

What are Dental Veneers?

Dental veneers are porcelain shells that go over your teeth. They hide any imperfections and create a uniform, white smile. Dental veneers are permanent, so once they are bonded, you’ll need to maintain them just as you would your natural teeth.

If you have teeth that are chipped, cracked, stained, or crooked, dental veneers may be a good option for you.


From Chipped & Stained To No Chips & Whiter Teeth

From Spaced & Uneven To No Spaces & Even

What is the Process for Veneers?

During the procedure, the dentist will shape the teeth to prepare them for the veneers. This is done by removing some of the enamel from the teeth. This is done to make sure that the veneers fit perfectly on the teeth to give the patient a beautiful smile.

Once the teeth have been prepared, an impression will be made of the teeth. This impression will then be sent to a laboratory where the veneers will be crafted. Once they are crafted, they will be sent back for you to your dentist in La Habra.

If you wish to get a beautiful smile with veneers, schedule an appointment with us. Call us at (714) 364-8181 for any queries.

Do you think you are a candidate for Veneers? Call us at (714) 364-8181. TODAY!

Need to See a Dentist NOW?

Our team at ÉLAN Dentistry is always ready to provide you with immediate dental assistance in case of a dental emergency. We serve all areas in and around La Habra. Always remember that whenever an emergency strikes, we are just a call away!

Get Urgent Dental Help at (714) 364-8181.

Most Common Dental Emergencies


Why is Emergency Dentistry So Important?

Emergency dentistry is incredibly important. For instance, if you experience trauma to your teeth, that results in the need for emergency dental care, such as a knocked-out tooth. Your emergency dentist can place it back into the socket and thus, save your tooth.

Call Us At Any Time!

We understand that emergencies always pop up at the least expected moments. Our emergency dentist, Dr. Amin, and her well-experienced team have helped countless patients during such hard times. We use advanced dental technologies that can help patients get the desired results with minimal pain and discomfort. Our 24/7 Emergency Dental Care is always here to help you!

Get Urgent Dental Help at (714) 364-8181.